What is CinéBistro?
CinéBistro is the newest cinema dining concept from Cobb Theatres. It brings the best of the movie entertainment and restaurant dining worlds together into a single, ultra-luxury experience where you can eat a gourmet meal – at any time of day from lunch on – and watch a critically acclaimed new, independent or art film, right in your seat. What’s great about CinéBistro is that it is one part movie theatre and one part restaurant, and you can enjoy them both together, or separately.
How does the CinéBistro Experience work?
Movies play throughout the day, just like any other theatre, and to enjoy the experience the way it was meant, all you need to do is:

1. Buy your tickets at the Box Office or online
2. Arrive 30 minutes before the movie starts to order your meal
3. Go to your seat – or enjoy a cocktail at the bar area before
your meal is ready
4. Watch our custom pre-show entertainment and wait
to be served at your seat by our wait staff
5. Eat, drink, and enjoy the show!
Do I have to watch a movie to eat at CinéBistro?
No, and that is what makes CinéBistro even more special. Our restaurant, overseen by Executive Chef Alan Lake, is a full service restaurant that serves food and beverages throughout the day. So you can come in and eat and drink whenever you want during our open hours. We even have a dedicated cocktail bar if you just want to quench your thirst.
Do I have to order any food to watch a movie?
At CinéBistro, you are the center of attention, and should enjoy the experience just the way you want to. So no, you can watch a movie without having to eat or drink anything. But once you get comfortable in our ultra-luxurious high back leather rocking chairs, kick back and see other people enjoying the full experience, you might be tempted to satiate your appetite.
Can I order food or drinks during the movie?
Sorry, but no. We are very attuned to making everyone’s experience the best it can be, and after years in the business, we know that people don’t like it when others – in this case, our wait staff – get up, walk around or generally create a distraction throughout the movie.

However, we also know that people like “more”, so we have convenient bar areas outside the theatres so you can get a mid-movie snack or drink if you want. We just don’t want to have all of our wait staff coming in and out during the movie because CinéBistro is not a “restaurant inside a movie theatre” but a place where you can eat a gourmet meal while watching a movie.
What happens to my dishes after I finish my meal?
Very simple: if you finish your food before the movie starts, our wait staff will remove it from your seat table. If you finish during the movie, all you have to do is move our specially designed swivel seat tables to the side, and watch the movie with nothing in front of you or in the way.
Are there age restrictions?
You must be at least 21 years old to enter the movie theatre and watch a
movie. There are no age restrictions at our restaurant, but our menu and
ambiance caters to adults. (Sorry, no chicken fingers, but we do offer an
amazing Churrasco.)
Is valet parking offered?
Valet parking, when available, is offered by the Dolphin Mall for a cost to any visitor. Should you choose to valet park, CineBistro is happy to validate your valet ticket, but only if you have purchased a movie ticket for the same day.