• Experience Dinner and a Movie Like Never Before
  • In-Theatre Dining with Reserved Seating
  • Chef-Inspired Cuisine Prepared Fresh Daily
  • Socialize with Friends Even if you Aren't Seeing a Movie
  • Book Your Next Event at CineBistro it will be One to Remember
  • 9 Lane Bowling Alley, Gaming Center and Cozy Lounge

One of the Top 8 Theatres Redefining the Moviegoing Experience

Hear What Our Guests Are Saying!

  • Service is outstanding. The food is delicious. CineBistro is how a movie experience should be. Keep up the good work! CineBistro is my new movie theater destination!
    Debbie G. – Hampton, VA
  • Thank you for maintaining such a high quality experience at Cinebistro! We never consider going anywhere else to see a movie! We are so happy to have you in south Tampa.
    S. Cooper – Tampa, FL
  • I LOVE Cinebistro!! The best theater to watch a movie in... especially a long movie! Big, comfortable seats - great food and drinks and wonderful, friendly, helpful employees!
    Cindy F. – Wesley Chapel, FL
  • I frequent CineBistro here in Richmond. I went this past Monday and had the best crab cake I have ever had in my life. I've had a lot of crab cakes!
    Deborah C. – Richmond, VA
  • They have EXCELLENT food, really innovative dishes. Fantastic seating, great sound, great screens and great employees.
    Denise B. – Atlanta, GA
  • Your chef does amazing work! We've always enjoyed the food!
    Katrina C. – Hampton, VA
  • Once you tried this set up to enjoy your movies, it is very hard to go back to a regular movie theater.
    Rob S. – Denver, CO
  • I will definitely go out of my way to patronize your theatre where I am treated with so much respect and kindness. I'm sure other people will too.
    Juan H. – Miami, FL

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